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We are a 360º full-service DSP (demand side platform) that grows users of mobile apps and games programmatically through RTB exchanges. Our proprietary machine-learning platform optimizes campaigns over time to increase both conversion rates and LTV. We work with all high-converting mobile ad formats and even create playable ads – for free!

High-Converting Ad Formats

Playable Ads


Rewarded Videos



(Rich & Static)



We Create Playable Ads At No Cost

(For qualifying campaigns only. Contact us for more details.)

Try Our Playable Ad: Unicorn

Try Our Playable Ad: Pokerist

Why Playable Ads?

Higher User Engagements


Higher Intent Installs


Higher LTV Potentials


Hottest New Ad Format


We Optimize Ad Campaigns with Machine Learning

As our platform acquires and analyzes more data, campaign performance continuously improves.

Extreme Targeting

We can set Extreme Targeting based on limitless criteria so your ads reach your desired target audience

Targeting Settings

App Type & Genre Geo (Countries & Cities) Interests App Keywords Device Type Platform And Much More

Optimal Bids

Bids will readjust dynamically to find the optimal pricing and avoid overbidding

Lookalike Audiences

Audiences that are more likely to convert will be targeted more

Creative A/B Testings

The best converting ads creative will be identified and served more often

Apps Filtering

Apps with low conversion rates will be blacklisted while apps with high conversion rates will be prioritized

We Go Beyond Installs & Optimize Based on LTV

Our DSP platform learns over time to acquire users that are more likely to complete your post-install goals.


Our Post-Install Attribution Partners

Why Acquire Users Through RTB Exchanges?

Go Beyond Just Facebook & Google

The rising popularity of Facebook and Google ads continues to drive advertising competition and their ad rates high

Access to Wider Audiences

Gain access to audience using over 100,000 mobile apps on over 2 billion devices around the world

Engage Users Playing Games

Ads can reach users while they are playing mobile games, increasing LTV potential post-install of gaming apps

Pay per Actions, Installs or Impressions

RTBs can now run post-install action (CPA) and install (CPI) campaigns for advertisers interested in only paying for ads that meet their specific goals, in addition to impressions (CPM) campaigns

Programmatic Bidding

Instead of bidding large volume of impressions in advance, advertisers can bid on impressions in real time programmatically

High-Converting Ad Formats

Run user acquisition campaigns that convert with high-converting ad formats at your disposal – including rewarded videos and playable ads

Leading RTB Exchange Partners

What’s RTB Exchange?

RTB (real-time bidding) is a process of bidding on ad inventory in an ongoing, instantaneous auction. This process takes place in RTB exchanges, which takes into of a number of relevant criteria to determine which impressions to buy, including available ad space inventory on the exchanges, competition from other advertisers, and advertisers’ criteria (such as targeting and price).

How AppGrowth Works with RTB

100% Transparent Analytics

Deep insights of campaign performance all on one clear dashboard
Up to 50 data dimensions to drill down the effectiveness of campaign
All the data is exportable for you to keep and run deeper analysis

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